The replica build

  • Mould
    Half of the mould, with carbon laid up
  • Frame halves
    The halves, free of their moulds, amongst photos of some of Graeme’s previous projects
  • Dropout detail
    How the dropouts are attached to the frame
  • Bottom bracket
    Setting the bottom bracket shell in place
  • Integrated bars
    Building a fork with integrated bars. The original bike did not use a standard Lotus fork and neither did we
  • Forks almost completed
    The fork used has an integrated carbon steerer. I supplied a headset to Graeme, and he set about creating a threaded section on the carbon fork.
  • Cervelo
    So the fork we settled on, was an early Cervelo-Vroomen/White Design SL. The profile is almost identical to the Hotta fork that the original was based on, down to the dropouts
  • Finished fork
    With the steerer tube cut, and headset fitted, we get a much better idea of the finished profile