Superman bars

  • Aerobar plan
    After scaling photos, I came up with some measurements for the bars.
  • Stem detail
    Getting closer to having it sorted
  • Cardboard
    Next step, mock up the bars in cardboard, and sit in position myself, to check the fit
  • Clive’s plans
    Even from my humble drawings, master craftsman Clive, was able to come up with working drawings to create the bars
  • Getting started
    With the build underway, the bars are really taking shape
  • Narrow
    Quite apart from being long, the Superman bars are also very narrow
  • Almost done
    Now you are talking! Almost complete, these bars are almost too good looking to paint!
  • Trial fit
    Mock up on the bike, and the bars are stunning
  • Painted
    The finished article, looks stunning.