• Prep
    Prep complete, and primer applied
  • Early on in paint process
    Even before the colour ‘leaps out’, you can see the amazing finish Simon achieved
  • Sparkly
    Because we can- a little bit ‘extra’ in the paint
  • Decal placement
    While there are only a handful of decals, hours were spent ensuring correct positioning
  • Outside
    When your workspace includes the great outdoors
  • Best angle?
    The bike looks great from this angle. Aero
  • Eddy
    Is that really an Eddy Merckx?
  • Build time
    The colour is stunning under lights
  • Superman bars
    Even early on in the process, the bars are starting to look good in paint
  • Cinelli
    As good as the original?
    The original bars were made by Terry Dolan, who worked on most of Chris Boardmans bikes
  • Superman
    Nothing to add, they are ready to use