The story of a fork- from concept to completion

  • Hotta Fork
    Trial fit of the Hotta fork on the Lotus. This fork is the basis of our integrated fork/handlebars
  • Creating the parts
    Laid out are the fork crown/steerer tube, fork legs, a,d handlebars (2 sets were being made)
  • Fork crown
    Detail of fork crown and steerer tube, having been threaded
  • Fork leg
    Checking the profile of the fork leg. Obviously aluminium can not necessarily be shaped to exactly imitate the carbon fibre. The main focus was on the aero shape, front to back
  • Front view
    Ready to shape/add the fork tip
  • Bullets
    The bullets will form the back of the handlebar section
  • Forks
    Starting to look like a proper fork, the legs are attached to the crown
  • Tips
    Now we are getting somewhere. Fork tips attached
  • Handlebars
    Apart from the aero handlebars, in this photo you can see the aerobar upstands, and the mounts for the aerobars
  • Aerobar upstand
    A lot of detail went into every part. The slots in the top are so the screws will ‘pull’ the alloy in, thus gripping the aerobars
  • Test fit
    On the bike, the integrated fork/bars have turned out much better than I could have hoped.
  • Trial fit
    The first proper trial fit, once the bars were in the workshop
  • Headset
    Mavic headset
  • Top view
    I think the bars look fantastic from this angle
  • Primer
    With primer on the frame, and fork, we start to see what it will look like
  • Angles
    As with any ‘replica’, when you don’t have the measurements, you are not quite sure how things will turn out. It looks though, like out ‘guesstimate’, was pretty much on the money
  • Front view
    Good from any angle
  • Colour
    A one off mix, for a one off build
  • Welds
    When your painter is a craftsman, he takes great pride in his art. Right down to smoothing out welds…..
  • Colour coats
    just first layers of paint applied- finishing touches to come
  • Fitted to the frame
    So with colour on, we re starting to get a picture of what the finished product will look like
  • Low profile
    The side view shows us how clean the integrated forks and bars look