Guerciotti History




Thirtyfive years of successes. This is the business and sporting history of italian company Guerciotti.
A fascinating history started in 1964, when Italo, known and expert cyclocross rider, decided to open a little bicycle shop with his brother, Paolo. If was Italo to give the bike passion to Paolo, who started in 1961 to ride in young cathegories, showing himself immediately very competitive and winner and than to ride exsclusevily in cyclocross and to ride the world championship in 1979 in Saccolongo.

In that time the shop became too small for the numerouses customers. Than, it decided for the amplification of the head office and for the moving in Corso Buenos Aires. In 1975, thanks for the commercial success always in growing, Guerciotti’s brothers extended again their seat, moving in Via Tamagno. And the 1975 was a historical year for Guerciotti company. In fact besides to improve the costruction of racing bicycles, thanks at the dinamism of Paolo Guerciotti, there was a great commercial escalation, starting to export his products, especially in USA, building the american team Ten Speed Drive.Guerciotti.


1964 - The first shop.

1979 - Magniflex - Famcucine -


In 1976, Guerciotti bicycles entered in professional cycling world, equipping Fiorella-Mocassini and continuing with Fiorella-Citroen, Magniflex-Fam Cucine (winning five races at Giro d’Italia 1979), Santini-Selle Italia, Alfa Lum and Dromedario-Sidermec. In these years rode by Guerciotti bicycles also G.B. Baronchelli and Giovanni Battaglin. Always in 1976 the Guerciotti bikes started the tecnical  cooperation with the cyclocross team GBC, directed by Dino Zandegù; while in 1977 Paolo Guerciotti build the omonimum cyclocross team. In 1979 the Guerciotti Bikes equipped many amateur teams and also the Pedale Saronnese, where there was a rider of name Claudio Chiappucci. 

The tecnical cooperation continued with several and competitives professional teams until 1983, when Paolo Guerciotti decided to built the Guerciotti Export., company specialized in international commercializazion of bicycles products in via Pasteur.
Also this decision was winner, and also the agonistic scenary of Guerciotti cyclocross racing team, who won ten gold medal at world championships: 7 in amateur cahegory, 2 in professionals and 1 in “open” cathegory. 
In that period, in 1994, Paolo Guerciotti decided to transfer and extend the company with the new building in Viale Monza in a 500 mq area., in order to give to all his customers always a great and good service.


Guerciotti Paolo with his son Alessandro.

1978 - G. S. Guerciotti
Piazza del Duomo in Milano.

The last step is dated 23th  June 2000, with the inauguration of the new building in Via Petrocchi, 10, inlcuded the new showroom, in a 1400 mq area. 


Paolo Guerciotti
with one of his jewells.